Volunteering is a great way to earn a free ticket and be part of the magic that is our FESTAVUL. Volunteers must be prepared to work at least twelve (12) hours for free entry to the weekend; work a few more hours and you can also camp for free!

Please review the following information before you inquire about volunteering.

  • Areas where we need volunteers include parking, check-in/ticket sales, gate and hospitality.
  • A deposit is required for ALL volunteers.  Deposit amount is the full, 3-day ticket price
  • Volunteer package options are:
    • 12 Volunteer Hours [ADULT Thursday + Friday + Saturday music pass]
    • 14 Volunteer Hours [ADULT Thursday + Friday + Saturday music pass + Camping pass]
  • Volunteers must maintain a professional and helpful attitude, be kind, alert and actively engaged in their task while volunteering.

Interested? Email info@albinoksunk.com