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Volunteering is a great way to be part of the magic that is our FES-TAA-VUL.  We’re revamping our schedules and sign-up process a bit for Fall of 2023.  The link to our sign-up software below will be available mid-August for the Fall 2023 festival.  We’ll announce that on our social media when it happens.

Here are some details for Fall of 2023:

  • Areas where we need volunteers include tasks such as parking, check-in/ticket sales at gate, clean up, merch, and “floaters.”  Kitchen shifts are believed to be already covered.
  • Volunteer package options are:
    • 12 Volunteer Hours earn One Adult Three-Day Ticket (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), no camping pass.
    • 16 Volunteer Hours earn One Adult Three-Day Ticket (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), plus one tent/car (non-RV, non-reserved RV) camping pass.
    • Volunteers also earn free entry to our Wednesday evening Volunteer Appreciation Pre-Skunk show.
  • Volunteers must pay a $50 deposit in advance. Deposits are fully refundable upon completion of the agreed (12 or 16) volunteer hours.  We’ve reinstated the deposit incentive in view of a few folks the past few festivals who signed up to volunteer but then did not show up.
  • Volunteers must maintain a professional and helpful customer-first attitude, and must be kind, alert, sober, and actively engaged in their assigned task while volunteering.
  • Volunteers must follow instructions of Festival Volunteer Managers and all Festival policies.  Volunteers must be honest, and Volunteers have no authority to change or waive a policy or a charge of the Festival without approval of a Volunteer Manager.
  • Volunteers are subject to the same rules as everyone else on site with regard to illegal activities, weapons, smoking, disruptive behavior, etc.
  • Volunteers must participate in a short training meeting prior to your shifts – times and dates to be determined.
    • Tickets and camping passes earned are personal to the Volunteer and have no transferrable cash value, and are therefore not able to be transferred or split between volunteers (couples can certainly share a campsite).  If an upgrade to an RV camping site is desired, please contact us at [email protected] to see if we have an upgrade available (for a fee equal to the difference in cost between tent camping pass and RV camping pass).
  • Just remember, you are representing the Festival, the vendors, the performers, and everyone else involved while you are on your shift.
  • In spite of the seeming seriousness of some of the above, prepare to HAVE FUN!  Many of our Volunteers are regulars and are part of our extended festival family.  It’s a great, fun group of music lovers!

Interested?  Click the link to sign up >> Volunteer Here

Further questions?  Email [email protected]