Spring 2022 Tickets

Early Bird Tickets Now Available!

PLEASE SEE OUR 2022 COVID INFORMATION PRIOR TO PURCHASING TICKETS. With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta and Omicron variants, we will be monitoring conditions to ensure everyone’s safety.  We may find it necessary at our 2022 SpringSkunk event to re-institute the Entrance Requirements used at our Fall 2021 SkunkFest.

REMINDER: Our Spring 2022 ticketing system for advance purchasers includes checking your name off our list of purchasers at the front gate. In case of any confusion in finding your order, bringing your smartphone to the gate and pulling up your ticket purchase confirmation email would be helpful.

NOTE: Admission for children 11 and under is FREE, as is admission for anyone over 80.  Youth tickets are for children 12-16 and must be purchased with an Adult ticket of the same duration (youth must be accompanied by an adult).

Ticket TypePricePurchase (Visa/MC/Discover)
Early Bird 3-Day Ticket (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)ADULT - $160
YOUTH - $70
Skunk Ranger (VIP) - more details here$400BUY TICKETS
General RV (non-reserved)$120BUY TICKETS
General Camping$40BUY TICKETS
deTour de Skunk Charity Bike Ride$40BUY TICKETS