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Festival Dates, October 5-7, 2023
Advance online ticketing runs until 8pm Tuesday, October 3.
Tickets and camping passes available at gate (opening each day at 10am).

NEW FOR 2023: 

(1) We have included one Adult Three-Day Pass (Early Bird at present, Full Price later) with the purchase of each Reserved RV spot.  Combining the ticket with the RV spot into one item in your shopping cart will save on service fees that run through our credit card processor.  That is, there is only one service fee incurred for an RV spot plus ticket, whereas in our previous system there were two fees incurred.

(2) Because each reserved RV spot now comes with a (non-VIP) 3-Day Pass, Skunk Ranger VIP ticketing for folks who want to camp has changed. All Skunk Rangers who wish to purchase a Reserved RV site must also purchase one VIP upgrade priced at the difference between the Early bird ticket and the VIP ticket. A second and subsequent VIP ticket per RV site will be $500. Therefore, a couple wanting 2 VIP tickets and an RV site will now buy 1 RV site (with included 3-day ticket) ($345), 1 upgrade to VIP ticket ($305), and 1 VIP ticket ($500) for a total of $1150 (the price is equal to two $500 VIP tickets plus one $150 RV site).  If for example a Skunk Ranger wants non reserved (tent) camping, then the person should buy however many VIP tickets are desired at $500 plus a camping pass at $55, so two people would cost a total of $1055.  Of course, if no camping is desired, just purchase the desired number of  VIP tickets ($500 each)

(3)  Early Arrival / Pre-Skunk | For folks who have advance purchased Camping Passes and 3-Day Festival Passes, we are allowing early entry on Wednesday.  New this year, the Main Gate will be open from Noon to 8:00 PM.  Get your Camping Pass and 3-Day Festival Wristband at the Main Gate and pay an early entry Fee of $20 per person.  And we will present some ‘surprise’ live music Wednesday evening for our Pre-Skunkers!

There is NO permitted entry Wednesday after dark.  And you cannot be on site without a wristband.

REMINDER: Our ticketing system for advance purchasers includes scanning your ticket and/or checking your name off our list of purchasers at the front gate. In case of any confusion in finding your order, bringing an ID and your smartphone to the gate and pulling up your ticket purchase confirmation email would be helpful.

We have made exceptions to our all sales final policy in the past so as to be Skunker patron friendly, especially during our COVID shutdown period.  We were happy and grateful to defer ticket purchasers then as a goodwill gesture and will forever appreciate the folks who stuck with us.  As the festival has grown larger and we’ve worked through that deferred backlog, the further requests from ticket holders for special exceptions with regard to ticketing, camping, refunds or exchanging purchased tickets, deferring ticket purchases to future festivals, etc., have become too frequent and complicated for us to effectively, accurately, and fairly manage.    

We ask that you return to abiding by our “All Sales Are Final” policy on ticket and camping sales – your purchased tickets/camping passes are for “this event only, rain or shine.”  Refunds or deferrals of tickets to a later festival can no longer be made, except perhaps in the most dire of personal circumstance.

Thank you for understanding.

NOTE: Admission for children 11 and under is FREE, as is admission for anyone over 80.  Youth tickets are for children 12-16 and must be purchased with an Adult ticket of the same duration (youth must be accompanied by an adult).

Ticket TypePricePurchase (Visa/MC/Discover)
Reserved RV SITE
(*includes one adult 3-Day Pass*)
Skunk Ranger (VIP) UPGRADE $305BUY NOW
3-Day Early-Bird (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
(through 9/1/2023)
ADULT - $180
YOUTH - $80
ENDED 9/1/2023
3-Day Full Price (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
(begins 9/2/2023)
ADULT - $195
YOUTH - $90
2-Day (Friday & Saturday)ADULT - $130
YOUTH - $60
Thursday OnlyADULT - $65
YOUTH - $30
Friday OnlyADULT - $70
YOUTH - $35
Saturday OnlyADULT - $75
YOUTH - $38
General RV (non-reserved)$150BUY NOW
General Camping$55BUY NOW
Wednesday Pre-Skunk Entry$20 (per person)BUY NOW
deTour de Skunk Charity Bike Ride$50BUY NOW