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Festival Rules

Our festival attendance has grown a great deal over the years.  We are generally laid back and have relied on the goodwill and common sense of our SkunkBoys & SkunkGals (year-round volunteers),  Skunkers (patrons) and Farm Hands (weekend volunteers) to maintain a friendly, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

To help mitigate some recent growing pains, we ask that you pay strict attention to the following rules.  And, if a SkunkBoy, patron or volunteer points out that you may have overstepped the rules, be polite and respectful. Check yourself, if needed correct yourself, and then continue having a good time.  The items below are products of our patrons’ requests to keep things safe and fun for everyone.

The following items are prohibited on SkunkFest property:

  • Illegal drugs / drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons
  • Glass bottles or containers of any kind
  • Unlicensed vending
  • Motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, etc.)



SkunkFest attendees must wear a wristband at all times. If you are seen without one, you will be asked to find it or purchase another one. If yours breaks, please bring it to the Main Gate and we will replace it for you.

Wristband colors represent different levels of attendance (1-day, weekend passes, etc.) and access (Artists and Skunk Rangers). Please pay attention to make sure you’re not in a restricted area with the wrong wristband.


Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes are prohibited in the Listening Area, Kiddie Land and Food and Vendor Areas. The listening area is ANYWHERE that you can see the stage. If you choose to partake in these habits, we ask that you restrict usage to your private camping area or parking lot. And don’t forget that no one likes a litter-bug, so make sure to deposit your butts (and other left-overs) in the trash receptacles.

The stand of Bamboo plants to the left of the stage is a really, really bad place to throw cigarette butts. Don’t be that guy. Please don’t be that guy.

Cooler Policy

You may bring your own cooler with food, snacks, soft drinks and water into the listening area, but alcoholic beverages are limited to one at a time. You can bring beer or wine to the fest, but please bring it in cans or boxes, and keep it in your vehicle or at your campsite.

Glass bottles are not allowed ANYWHERE on the property. (See recycling policy below for more on that.)


You may have a small campfire in one of two locations:  a) existing fire rings we’ve made on site; or b) an ABOVE GROUND fire ring that you’ve brought.  Also, someone must tend to any active campfire at all times.  You will be required to put out any fires not meeting our guidelines.

Please bring your own firewood.  The stacks of firewood around the property are for use by the festival staff.


Generators are allowed ONLY in the RV Lots. Generators may be used in the RV North Lot **anytime** and in the RV South Lot and Blueberry Hill **ONLY when the stage is shut down.** Excessively loud generators are not allowed at any time. Generators should be rated at 60dB or less, and no commercial generators should be used. If your generator is too loud, we may ask you to shut it down. Please be respectful and comply.


Please be a responsible SkunkFarm camper and deposit all trash and recyclables into the appropriate receptacles. Don’t forget that you are using someone else’s property – please treat it with respect and make sure to clean up after yourselves.

Glass bottles are not allowed on the property for several reasons – one, it is dangerous when it breaks and two, our county does not recycle glass.

We have separate Recycling Containers for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. PLEASE do not deposit trash and garbage into the Recycling Containers, OK?

We will provide a water station in the listening area if you’d like to bring a reusable bottle and eliminate the need to carry and dispose of plastic water bottles.

Campers | Please plan ahead to pack out and recycle your own recyclables, rather than leaving them with us to sort and handle. The volume collected from campsites has grown greatly in recent years, and unfortunately there’s been a lot of glass mixed into the stream. If you leave your trash (in bags!) by the road that goes through the camping area on Sunday morning, we will take it to the dumpster, or you can help us out and take it up there yourself! It is at the top of the property, close to Jordan Road.

Campsite Music

Our campers enjoy hearing the music from the stage throughout the SkunkFarm.  Please be respectful of your camping neighbors, and do not play amplified music loud enough to disturb your neighbors.  Also, please refrain from playing ANY amplified music after midnight.

Camping Requires Festival Ticket

Because of the small overall area of our festival, if you are camping, you are hearing the music. Therefore, in order to camp you must also have a ticket for that day of the festival. In other words, you can’t come in to set up and camp Thursday night with only tickets for Friday and Saturday; you must have a Thursday ticket.

Listening Area Seating

We encourage you to bring your own comfortable festival chair to set up in our shaded music amphitheater area. It is the policy of our festival, as with many others, that your empty chair can be occupied by others when you are away. Please be very courteous in this regard, as chair owner or temporary squatter. We want everyone to enjoy the music.

During the last two sets each night, we will have all chairs within 20’ of the stage front removed. Our last sets tend to be high energy and conducive to standing and dancing and such, so this will make that easier for everyone. We encourage you to move your chairs prior to these sets, or we will remove them and place them to the side of the Mercantile (if you’re looking at the Mercantile, they will be to the right). Please have your name on your chairs to avoid confusion.

Also, we always have a number of comfortable sofas, metal porch gliders and metal lawn chairs set up in the music amphitheater for anyone to use.