As the War and Treaty, spouses Michael Trotter, Jr. and Tanya Blount make impassioned soul music that draws on traditional folk, country, R&B, and spirituals, often combining them all. After winning fans with their dynamic live shows, the duo’s 2018 debut, Healing Tide, made a strong run on several Billboard charts and earned acclaim throughout the roots music community. They delivered a follow-up album, Hearts Town, in 2020.

Initially based in Albion, Michigan, Trotter and Blount briefly performed together as simply Trotter & Blount before changing their moniker to the War and Treaty in 2015. Word of their rousing, animated performances spread, and they were soon getting booked on the folk festival circuit and touring the country. In 2017, they signed with Strong World Entertainment, which released their debut EP, Down to the River, that July. Two months later, they were named one of the 20 best acts at AmericanaFest by Rolling Stone. The duo also spent part of that year writing and rehearsing in Nashville with a backing band.