Jesse James DeConto grew up in New England, with Dad’s guitar and Mom’s radio tuned to Soulsville, the Village, and Laurel Canyon. Those inheritances mingle with foothills-folk in Durham, N.C., yielding songs Americana UK calls “anthemic.” Critics hear influences from Neil Young to The National. “You won’t be able to stop humming,” said No Depression.

The Pinkerton Raid has played with Illiterate Light, Ballroom Thieves and Noah Gundersen. Back-to-back releases in 2017 & 2018 brought them from Charleston to Chicago to Brattleboro, Vt., with slots at EnoFest, Shakori Hills and Daytrotter and acclaim from Paste, Popdose, Aquarian Weekly and more.

  • Jesse James DeConto – vocals, guitar
  • Derek Skeen – bass, vocals
  • Luis Rodriguez – guitar, trumpet, keyboard, vocals, percussion
  • Fleming Talton – drums