While it may be futile to try to define Dangermuffin’s sound, it is possible to pinpoint the themes that inspire much of the band’s music, and perhaps no theme is as prominent and consistent as nature, including the ocean, the sun, and the mountains…all ancient and powerful and capable of immeasurable and profound healing. These ideas, running like threads through almost every Dangermuffin album, together form the basis of some of the band’s most deeply held principles and teachings: respect the earth, stay open to the universe, and strive for healing. According to lyricist Dan Lotti, if Dangermuffin’s music could accomplish just one thing, it would be to heal.

In 2020, the band decided to take a well-deserved hiatus from touring and started exploring various avenues in both music and film production. In late 2021, and after going through several lineup evolutions, Dangermuffin is back as a versatile 4-piece band, adding Andrew Hendryx on mandolin to the core group of Lotti, Steven Sandifer, and Mike Sivilli.

The vocal-centric songs are delivered both via acoustic string band arrangements (think Greensky Bluegrass) and a drum-fueled groovy & fiery jam-influenced arrangement (think Goose), often within the same show! For the band and fans alike, this has led to some of Dangermuffin’s most inspired, exciting, and surprising performances of its career.