Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale is a 2-time Grammy winning Americana icon, a singer-songwriter whose unmistakable rhinestone-incrusted silhouette has been a symbol for creative integrity and prolificacy for thirty-one albums over decades of recording. He’s an A-list Nashville songwriter whose songs have ruled the country charts while recording an eclectic catalog of albums that run the gamut of American roots styles, all brought together on his latest album ‘Time Flies’.

Everything about Jim Lauderdale – the man and his music – is classic and timeless, but he’s a total original. The McCartney-esque melodies sung in his aching high lonesome tenor, the fiercely authentic bluegrass songs with mind-expanding psychedelic lyrics…nothing about Jim’s music can be reduced to a single influence, and no other songwriter would fuse these classic strains of tune-craft into such unexpected but immediately satisfying combinations.

Even as he celebrates the release of an album that is being acknowledged as one of his best, Jim Lauderdale shows no signs of slowing down. In the next year, he will crisscross the globe on tour, write dozens of potentially classic songs, collaborate with peers, heroes, and proteges and record multiple new albums. For Jim, it’s always about the road ahead…