deTour de Skunk

DeTour de Skunk is a charity bicycle ride through the foothills of the Blue Ridge that begins and ends at the SpringSkunk Music Festival on Saturday April 14, 2018.  All proceeds benefit Musician’s Medical Relief and the event is open to the public.

The Spring 2018 ride proceeds will benefit Holmes Desmelik, son of area musician Dave Desmelik (who will be playing at the 2018 SpringSkunk Music Fest). Holmes has been bravely battling a brain tumor for quite some time, and the costs have been astronomical. Details and direct donation links may be found at the Holmes Team facebook page.

The price is $35, which includes registration, a commemorative shirt, some riding snacks and such and a beer token from the Community Tap (must be 21 of course).  Advance ticketing is now available, and day-of sign-ups are fine (cash or check).

Check in starts Saturday morning at 8:00 am.  The rides depart at 9:00 am sharp!

deTails deTour de Skunk

There are two routes of differing distance and difficulty.

  • The short route is a beginner-friendly 15 mile run along rolling country roads from the Skunk Farm to 1909 Campbell’s Covered Bridge and back. Here is a MapMyRide link to the Short Route, and a GoogleMaps link.
  • The long route, which is 35 miles and has a couple of more difficult climbs, includes the short route and also goes through Tigerville and past the 1820 Poinsett Bridge.  There are parks at each bridge.  We’ll have manned rest stops at each with refreshments, and for a look and photos if you like. Here is a MapMyRide links to the Long Route and a GoogleMaps link.

Note that the GoogleMaps Long Route shows an optional Bypass along SC 11 if you wish to go further than the Short Route takes you (through Tigerville and up to Route 11), but you want to skip the difficult climb past the Poinsett Bridge.

Both groups will depart together @ 9:00 am.   We leave from the top of the main parking lot at 4063 Jordan Road.

We will have a professional technician from Benchmark Bicycle Supply Co. on-site for pre-race equipment checks and adjustments, as well as an on-call SAG vehicle if a need arises on the routes.  We will have personnel with food and drink at each rest stop.

And as a reminder, we now have two private showers for campers and cyclists!

Our previous seven rides have generated over $8000 in donations thanks to our generous riders and sponsors!  The past rides have supported musicians Alex Munoz, Dave Brown, Emily McSherry, and Russ Morin, as well as 5 year old Holmes Desmelik, son of area musician Dave Desmelik. Spring ’16 donations went to the family of Greenville Police Office Allen Jacobs.

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