Advance, on-line sales are now closed.  Tickets are now available only at the gate (opening at 10:00 am each day for new arrivals).

REMINDER: Our new(ish) ticketing system for advance purchasers includes scanning at the front gate. You can print tickets at home and bring them to the gate, or you can bring your smartphone to the gate and pull up an electronic version from your ticket purchase confirmation email.

Admission for children 11 and under is FREE, as is admission for anyone over 80.  Youth tickets are for children 12-16 and must be purchased with an Adult ticket of the same duration (youth must be accompanied by an adult).

Ticket TypePricePurchase
3-Day Ticket (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)$148/ adult and
$70/ youth
2-Day Ticket (Friday/Saturday)$95/ adult and $45/youthAT GATE
Skunk Ranger (VIP) - more details here$350AT GATE
Thursday Only$42/ adult and $20/youthAT GATE
Friday Only$52/ adult and $28/youthAT GATE
Saturday Only$62/ adult and $30/youthAT GATE
General Camping$35AT GATE
General RV (non-reserved)$85AT GATE
RV South Lot, sites 1 - 32$95SOLD OUT
RV South Lot, sites 33 - 40$95AT GATE
RV North Lot, sites 100 - 116$95SOLD OUT
RV North Lot, sites 117 - 137$95SOLD OUT
RV North Lot, sites 138 - 149$95AT GATE
Blueberry Hill, sites 200 - 222$95AT GATE
deTour de Skunk Charity Bike Ride$35AT GATE