Festival Info

NEW FOR FALL 2018 — QUIET ZONE CAMPING  |  We are implementing a new quiet zone at the far edge of the campground. Follow the road to the end – Skunk forest is on your right and the large field is to the left. The quiet area will be on the left side at the end of the road in what used to be a horse pasture. There will be an opening in the fence to allow access to this area. It will be indicated with signs.

The expectation in this area is that any amplified music will be turned off by 10:00P M and “lights out” will occur by midnight.

General Camping (Tent/ Car)

Camping is definitely the best (and most responsible) way to enjoy the Albino Skunk and SpringSkunk Music Festivals.  The camping fee is $35 per vehicle for General Camping.  The camping fee covers camping for all 3 nights of the festival (it is not a per-night fee). See below for a map of the SkunkFarm showing the camping areas.

ALL CAMPERS MUST HAVE A FESTIVAL PASS FOR THE DAYS/NIGHTS THEY ARE CAMPING. There is no camping the night before you plan to attend the festival.

General Camping | The SkunkFarm has many great places to camp, both in open fields and under tree canopies.  General camping sites are not reserved, so come early to claim your favorite spot! Camping space on the SkunkFarm is limited, so please take up only the area you actually need. Please be considerate of your fellow campers. You may be asked to “tighten up” if additional camping space is needed. Our forested camping area is limited, so no vehicles are allowed to be parked in the ‘Skunk Forest’ area.

Facilities | For all SkunkFarm guests, we have port-a-john stations throughout the property, and we have a single user bathroom facility to the right of the listening area.  We also have two showers near the Blueberry Hill camping area, and we have fresh water/hand-washing stations sprinkled throughout the property.

Check-out Time | Please clean-up and leave your campsite by noon on Sunday.

RV Camping

ANYONE bringing an RV or Trailer must purchase an RV Pass ($85), regardless of whether or not you have a reserved spot.

Hook-ups are not available for ANY of our sites, but we do have several water fill stations around the property.

Generators | Generators are allowed ONLY in the RV Lots.  Generators may be used in the RV North Lot anytime and in the RV South Lot and Blueberry Hill ONLY when the stage is shut down.  Excessively loud generators are not allowed at any time.  Generators should be rated at 60dB or less, and no commercial generators should be used.

Facilities | For all SkunkFarm guests, we have port-a-john stations throughout the property, and we have a single user bathroom facility to the right of the listening area.  We also have two showers near the Blueberry Hill camping area, and we have fresh water/handwashing stations sprinkled throughout the property.

We have three RV Lots with specific sites that you can reserve in advance when you purchase your pass. The RV North Lot and Blueberry Hill RV Lot are reached through our main entrance on Jordan Road.  The RV South Lot has a separate entrance on Jordan Road (follow the RV Land signs).

RV/Trailer Lot reservations are made according to site number.  See images below for maps of the RV/Trailer Camping areas.  All sites shown as Sold? Email dixie@albinoskunk.com to see if there are any overflow sites available!

Food, Drink, and Hydration Stations

SkunkFest allows you to bring coolers with food and non-alcoholic beverages into the concert area. This Fest’s Food Vendors are listed below.


SkunkFest is all about the music and having a good time with music-loving friends and family. We work hard to create a festive atmosphere where world-class artists put on their best performances.

In an effort to maintain the safe, relaxed experience we’ve all come to enjoy, we will no longer allow folks to bring alcoholic beverages in coolers into the amphitheater area. You will still be allowed to have a single beverage with you in the music listening area (NO GLASS).

Only coolers with non-alcoholic beverages and foods/snacks will be allowed into the seating area.

Community Tap will still be vending their fine craft brews in the vendor mall area for your convenience. And you will be allowed to return to your camp or vehicle during the fest.

Coolers will be inspected at the Gate and spot checked in the amphitheater area.

Water Fill Stations

As part of our continuing effort to lessen our impact on the environment, we have installed two water bottle fill stations. We have two fillers adjacent to the Community Tap Beer Garden and one at the camp sink adjacent to the Camp Showers. We strongly encourage Skunkers to bring a refillable bottle and stay hydrated with fresh free water! The money you save on bottled water can bring you more value with our beer, food and craft vendors. (We are working on a program to bring in stainless steel cups to be used at the beer garden and water stations.) Even with recycling, disposable plastic bottles still have a negative impact on our one and only planet.

This Year’s Food Vendors:

Upcountry Provisions

Our friends from TR are joining us with a variety of baked goods, salads, pizzas, quesadillas, and more for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Tica’s Tacos

Tica’s is back with their tacos, burritos, and nachos. Load your choice up with meat or veggies for lunch and dinner.

Henry’s Hog Hauler

Get ready for delicious BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs & an assortment of sides!

Firehouse Crabballs

These newcomers offer breakfast sandwiches, crab balls, crab soup, crab cakes, crab dip, fried shrimp, cod, soft shell crabs, veggie burgers & fresh cut fries!

Paradox Coffee

Paradox will be serving hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, cold brew coffee, iced lattes & mochas, fruit smoothies and bags of their delicious coffee!

This Year’s Craft Vendors:

Interested in vending at a future festival?  Email dixie@albinoskunk.com!

Westwind Tie Dye
Jangles by Britta
The Herb Appeal Naturals
The Recycled Bean
Robinson Ex Files Knives
Moon Magick Crystals & Herbs
Cherryfoot Boutique
Word Emporium
Screaming Horse Iron Works
My Favorite Aunt
Stoned Beautiful
Anthropoloca Jewelry
Golden Corner Outdoors
Bear Arts

Festival Rules

Our festival attendance has grown a great deal over the past few years.  We are generally laid back and have relied on the goodwill and common sense of our SkunkBoys,  Skunkers (patrons) and Farm Hands (volunteers) to maintain a friendly, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.  To help mitigate some recent growing pains, we ask that you pay strict attention to the following rules.  And, if a SkunkBoy, patron or volunteer points out that you may have overstepped the rules, be polite and respectful. Check yourself, if needed correct yourself, and then continue having a good time.  The items below are products of our patrons’ requests to keep things safe and fun for everyone.

 Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are not allowed ANYWHERE on the property. You may bring a cooler with food, snacks, soft drinks and water into the listening area, but alcoholic beverages are limited to one at a time. If you bring beer or wine to the fest bring it in cans or boxes, and it must be kept in your vehicle or campsite. See the New Cooler Policy here.

Campsite Music

Our campers enjoy hearing the music from the stage throughout the SkunkFarm.  Please be respectful of your camping neighbors, and do not play amplified music loud enough to disturb your neighbors.  Also, please refrain from playing ANY amplified music after midnight.


You may have a small campfire under the following conditions:  someone must tend to any active campfire; campfires may only be started in the provided fire rings; you may be asked to put out any fires that appear to be inappropriate.


Generators are allowed ONLY in the RV Lots. Generators may be used in the RV North Lot **anytime** and in the RV South Lot and Blueberry Hill **ONLY when the stage is shut down.** Excessively loud generators are not allowed at any time. Generators should be rated at 70dB or less, and no commercial generators should be used. If your generator is too loud, we may ask you to shut it down. Please be respectful and comply.


Please be a responsible SkunkFarm camper and deposit all trash and recyclables into the appropriate receptacles.  Glass bottles are not allowed on the property. We have separate Recycling Containers for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. PLEASE do not deposit trash and garbage into the Recycling Containers, OK?  Don’t forget that you are using someone else’s property – please treat it with respect and make sure to clean up after yourselves.  Please take all trash and recycling to the top of the hill and deposit it in the correct receptacle!

We will provide a water station in the listening area if you’d like to bring a reusable bottle and eliminate the need to carry and dispose of plastic water bottles.

Campers – Please plan ahead to pack out and recycle your own recyclables, rather than leaving them with us to sort and handle. The volume collected from campsites has grown greatly in recent years, and unfortunately there’s been a lot of glass mixed into the stream.


Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes are prohibited in the Listening Area, Kiddie Land and Food and Vendor Areas. The listening area is ANYWHERE that you can see the stage. If you choose to partake in these habits, we ask that you restrict usage to your private camping area or parking lot. And don’t forget that no one likes a litter-bug, so make sure to deposit your butts (and other left-overs) in the trash receptacles. The stand of Bamboo plants to the left of the stage is a really, really bad place to throw cigarette butts. Don’t be that guy. Please don’t be that guy.

 Check-Out Time

We ask that all campers be packed up and headed out by NOON on Sunday.

The following items are prohibited on SkunkFest property:

  • Illegal drugs / drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons
  • Glass bottles or containers of any kind
  • Unlicensed vending
  • Motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, etc.)


** NEW – Festival Seating**

We encourage you to bring your own comfortable festival chair to set up in our shaded music amphitheater area. It is the policy of our festival, as with many others, that your empty chair can be occupied by others when you are away. Please be very courteous in this regard, as chair owner or temporary squatter. We want everyone to enjoy the music.

During the last two sets each night, we will have all chairs within 20’ of the stage front removed. Our last sets tend to be high energy and conducive to standing and dancing and such, so this will make that easier for everyone. We encourage you to move your chairs prior to these sets, or we will remove them and place them to the side of the Mercantile (if you’re looking at the Mercantile, they will be to the right). Please have your name on your chairs to avoid confusion.

Also, we always have a number of comfortable sofas, metal porch gliders and metal lawn chairs set up in the music amphitheater for anyone to use.

For Our Lil Skunks

Once again this year, we’ll have some great children’s concerts and activities at the Kidthedral behind the Hippie Bus!  And as always, Tim TV and the Secret Cirkus will be with us throughout the weekend!

The SkunkFarm has lots of fun for the kids, including tree swings, The Jolley Skunk Wilderness Kingdom Playground, The SkunkArt Bus and fun nature trails!  We also have The Skunk View Drive-In Movie in the evenings.  Bring your kid’s wagon or kiddie car for them to watch outdoor movies in KiddieLand.

Parents – make sure to keep an eye on the kids — a small fish pond is located on the property. (There may be some large fish in there too!)  We’ve experienced some property damage from unsupervised kids in the past, so please keep up with them. Also, while we have children’s activities that provide great entertainment for them, please note that we are not babysitters.

Fall 2018 Kiddieland Schedule


7:30pm (ish) – Movies/Cartoons (Outdoor Theatre)


10:30am – Yoga with Hatha-Vinyasa (Big Field) – All ages & levels welcome!
3:00 – 5:00pm – Crafts! (Kidtheral)
5:00pm – Gumtree Canoe (Kidthedral) – Old time folk music duo
7:30pm(ish) – Movies/Cartoons (Outdoor Theatre)


9:30-10:15am – Kids yoga (Big Field)
10:30am – Adult yoga with Hatha-Vinyasa (Big Field) – All levels welcome!
11:00am – 1:00pm – Crafts! (Kidtheral)
1:00pm – Running Turtles (Kidtheral) – Shel Silverstein rock & more with Gentry and Steve
3:00pm – The Two Tracks (Kidthedral) – Western roots rock, playing a special kids set (appearing Thursday and Friday on the main stage)
4:30pm – Tim TV & The Secret Cirkus (Kidthedral) – Circus Arts, Fire, and Fambly Fun!
7:30pm(ish) – Movies/Cartoons (Outdoor Theatre)