Dean Owens

Dean Owens is widely hailed as one of UK’s finest troubadours (with fans including Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh and BBC legend “Whispering” Bob Harris). In 2017 he became the first Scottish musician to officially showcase at the prestigious Americanafest in Nashville. His visit included a guest spot with the Mavericks at their “all-star” show at the Basement East…and a mention in Rolling Stone. It’s also where he met Doug and Telisha Williams aka Wild Ponies, who are joining him on his debut US tour.  Dean was invited to showcase at the Wild Ponies’ Happy Hour at Nashville’s legendary Family Wash, and they have been mutual admirers of each others’ music ever since.

Armed with a searingly soulful voice, skillfully crafted songs, and earworm-inducing, heart-twisting melodies, Dean is a mesmerizing and engaging live performer, with an emotional hurricane of stories and songs. Dean’s music conjures the open road’s wild romanticism, whilst searching for, and combining, the primal sounds of two very different countries, distilling the Scottish and Americana into a unique blend of Celtic spirit, country soul.